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h1. Create virtuemart installer

To create a package is very easy.

Just make a checkout of the complete SVN tree (checkout folder), export the virtuemart directory to another directory (VirtueMart_export folder).

After that cut the files file VirtueMart_export\virtuemart\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\virtuemart.xml , VirtueMart_export\virtuemart\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\install\install.virtuemart.php , VirtueMart_export\virtuemart\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\install\uninstall.virtuemart.php

and paste it to the installerRoot (virtuemart) folder.

Zip the folders administrator (backend), components (frontend), language, and the files virtuemart.xml , install.virtuemart.php , uninstall.virtuemart.php. file virtuemart.xml. The installer is ready.

The root directory of the installer should contain the directories

* administrator
* components
* images
* language

and the file

* virtuemart.xml
* install.virtuemart.php
* uninstall.virtuemart.php