Product custom fields with stock control

Product custom fields with stock control are the same as Child and Parent Products in VM1.

Product Custom Fields with Stock Control are handle by a Custom plugin.
It allows you to create child products based on characteristics such as color, size, ... .

How to do it?
1. Go in Products > Custom Fields, and click on the "New" button
2. Select the Custom Field Type: "Plugin"
3. At the bottom of the page, the list of available plugins are displayed. Choose "Stockable Variants"
4. The fields available for this plugin are displayed.

You have the possibility to give up to 4 different characteristics to your product.

1. Fill in the characteristic name: it can be either a key from the language file, or a text.
2. On the text area Option list, enter the values for the characteristic. One value per line. For example:

3. Fill in the other parameters like the Title, Description ...
4. Save your Custom Field.

Add the stockable custom Field to your product, and create the child:
1. Go in the Products > Products, and click on the product you whish to add this custom field
2. Go on the Custom Field tab, and in the Custom Field Type area, select the custom Field you just created.
3. In the Plugin area, you can add directly your child products

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