Changes in VirtueMart 1.1.0 beta1

--- VirtueMart 1.1.0 beta1 released (21.02.2007, Rev. 692) ---

21.02.2007 soeren
  1. mosproductsnap - Fatal Error (only variables should be passed by reference)
    + added "featured=y" and "discounted=y" parameters for the browse page to allow to filter by featured or discounted products
19.02.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1147 - shop.parameter_search_form.php error with template...
  2. Task #1161 - Updated PS_Linkpoint should be included in future releases
  3. Task #1160 - Registration - Empty state list + Fix (ps_html.php)
  4. Task #1150 - vmcchk=1 breaks SEO URL
  5. fixed the Product Enquiry Form and split it up into code and template (+added missing language tokens)
16.02.2007 soeren
+ added an algorithm to re-encode encrypted cc numbers and passkeys when the ENCODE_KEY is changed
  1. fixed the currency converter module to reset the selected alternative currency and return the correct amount
    when failing to retrieve the currency conversion table
    + created a new "vmMainFrame" class to handle stylesheets and scripts and bundle them for "fetchscript.php"
    This way we can remarkably reduce the number of GET Requests for linked scripts and stylesheets
    An instance of the vmMainFrame class is available globally: $vm_mainframe.

^ changed the simple attributes' price modifier handling from user-submitted prices to price modifiers retrieved from
the product's attribute field in the DB. So the [+3.99] price modifiers are not longer part of the
drop down list, but just the attribute values like "red" or "big".

13.02.2007 soeren

  1. several fixes for making VirtueMart work with the latest Joomla! 1.5 SVN version
    + implemented new User Registration Types: "Normal Account Creation", "Silent Account Creation", "Optional Account Creation" and "No Account Creation"
    This allows a customer to check out without the need to create an account
  1. fixed the vmcheck redirection not being SEF issue (ps_session.php)
  2. fixed the user field form and made it compliant to MooTools v1.00

11.02.2007 soeren

^ added input filter ("process" and "safeSQL") to all REQUEST variables when user is no admin or storeadmin
+ added an INT Cast to all variables that can't have other value types than INT or ARRAY

07.02.2007 soeren

+ added a configuration variable to enable and disable the cookie check (it seems not to be very search-engine friendly)

05.02.2007 soeren
^! completely revised the Checkout Process (WIP!) * created templates for all checkout stages * allowed to bundle steps to a stage (e.g. ShipTo and Shipping Method or all steps on the same page) * removed "CHECKOUT_STYLE" configuration constant, added a new configuration array "VM_CHECKOUT_MODULES" * moved customer_info, listing shipping methods, listing payment methods to function inside ps_checkout
that use templates from the "/templates/checkout" folder * fixed the cartUpdate forms in the basket (works now and is standards compliant) * jumping between "checkout stages" is possible by using the parameter "checkout_stage".

^ added FXX, ROM and BUL to the list of European Countries (function country_in_eu_common_vat_zone, ps_checkout.php)
  1. fixed some issues with the new mootools and the cart highlighting function
    ^ Updated Mootools to release v1.00
    ^ Updated SlimBox to version 1.3
31.01.2007 soeren
  1. various XHTML standards compliance fixes * added ampReplace function to URL functions in ps_session.php, plus new parameter: encodeAmpersands (default:true) ) * fixed various wrong tags, missing closing tags and unencoded ampersands
30.01.2007 soeren
+ added a new PayFlow Pro class that doesn't need the Payflow Pro SDK installed on the server
  1. fixed an error that prevented correct storage of the CC number

28.01.2007 soeren
+ added new functions to resend the Download ID and re-enable expired or max-downloaded downloads
! two new function have been added to the function list: insertDownloadsForProduct and mailDownloadId ####
INSERT INTO `jos_vm_function` (`function_id`, `module_id`, `function_name`, `function_class`, `function_method`, `function_description`, `function_perms`) VALUES (185, 2, 'insertDownloadsForProduct', 'ps_order', 'insert_downloads_for_product', '', 'admin'),
(186, 5, 'mailDownloadId', 'ps_order', 'mail_download_id', '', 'storeadmin,admin'); ####

26.01.2007 soeren
  1. UPS: renamed "UPS Express Saver" to "UPS Saver"
  2. UPS: merged Deneb's improvements for the UPS module to the trunk
  3. product changed type parameters subtab at product.froduct_form (thanks Steelrat)
26.01.2007 eaxs
  1. YUI-EXT stylesheet not displaying Tab Text in IE7
    ^ some improvements to the "advanced attributes" javascript and system

19.01.2007 soeren
! two new function have been added to the function list: setModulePermissions and setFunctionPermissions ####
INSERT INTO `jos_vm_function` (`function_id`, `module_id`, `function_name`, `function_class`, `function_method`, `function_description`, `function_perms`)
VALUES (null, 1, 'setModulePermissions', 'ps_module', 'update_permissions', '', 'admin'),
(null, 1, 'setFunctionPermissions', 'ps_function', 'update_permissions', '', 'admin'); ####

+ added a function <=> user group matrix to the function list, so access restrictions can quickly be changed
+ added a module <=> user group matrix to the module list, so access restrictions can quickly be changed
^ changed the input field "Force HTTPS on which modules?" in the configuration to a multi-select list with all module listed

16.01.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1100 - Make Manufacturers module work on "Select -> xx" rather than having to click [Search] button (mod_virtuemart_manufacturers.php)
  2. fixed an XSS vulnerability (ps_cart.php)
  3. Task #1084 - Memory eating loop when non-available fetching remote files (ps_product_files.php)
12.01.2007 soeren
  1. updated the YUI library to version 0.12.2
  2. Fixed the thumbnail creation and naming according to Fedor's post:
04.01.2007 gregdev
  1. Fixed check for test mode (ps_authorize.php).

19.12.2006 soeren
^ updated the GreyBox script from version 3.45 to 5.16 (check it out:

12.12.2006 gregdev

^ Added line to virtuemart.xml for the new favicon.ico file.

11.12.2006 soeren

+ added the order edit extension by nfischer, nico and rolf:
It allows to modify orders and order items after the order has been placed.

09.12.2006 soeren
  1. Task #1045 - ps_product_category::get_navigation_list cannot be called twice! (ps_product_category.php)
  2. Task #1040 - Redirect after registration (ps_shopper.php)
    - removed the PayFlow Pro payment class, it can be downloaded including the necessary SDK from

07.12.2006 gregdev

^ Added values (all NULL) to sample data install queries for new child-products fields.

02.12.2006 gregdev

  1. Task #988 - fixed path to noimage file; also changed to use VM_THEMEURL for availability images (product.product_form.php)

01.12.2006 gregdev

  1. Change css class formField to match formLabel (theme.css)
  2. Use proper pathway_separator function (account.order_details)

01.12.2006 soeren

  1. Task #1035 - Sorry, but the Product you\'ve requested wasn\'t found! (shop.product_details.php)
  2. Task #1012 - Manufacturers in Manufacturer Module List not Alpha sorted

29.11.2006 gregdev

  1. Adjusted so that updating an existing shipping address does not require a new address name (ps_user_address.php)
  2. Task #842 - fixed preselected country when editing an existing shipping address (account.shipto.php)
  3. Adjusted add and update functions to save billing info for new users and Joomla only (not yet VM) users (ps_user.php)
  4. Adjustments to account.billing, account.shipping, acount.shipto files to use proper pathway_separator function.

27.11.2006 soeren

  1. Task #1011 - Cancelled Products get added to Top Ten Module (ps_order.php)
24.11.2006 soeren
  1. Task #1027 - Error in stock handling (ps_checkout.php)
  2. Task #1015 - Pathway duplicated in account.billing, account.shipping, account.shipto
23.11.2006 soeren
  1. Task #1014 - test mode error
    + added pathways and pagetitles to various pages
    ^ moved the function ps_product_category::pathway_separator() to the vmCommonHTML class, call it by using vmCommonHTML::pathway_separator() now!

17.11.2006 soeren

  1. cleaned up some old deprecated constants and language tokens
    + added extended javascript-based "simple attribute" handler by Tobias (alias eaxs,

16.11.2006 markcallf

!! DATABASE STRUCTURE CHANGED !!! # Marks Child list options
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product` ADD `child_options` varchar(45) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product` ADD `quantity_options` varchar(45) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product` ADD `child_option_ids` varchar(45) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product` ADD `product_order_levels` varchar(45) default NULL;
+ added child product list options

10.11.2006 gregdev

  1. Fixed duplicate error message when no shipping address is chosen during checkout (Task #972).

08.11.2006 soeren

!! Database Structure changed !! ########################### # Making User Groups dynamic ###########################
CREATE TABLE `jos_vm_auth_group` (
`group_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`group_name` varchar(128) default NULL,
`group_level` int(11) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`group_id`)
) TYPE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=5 COMMENT='Holds all the user groups' ; # these are the default user groups
INSERT INTO `jos_vm_auth_group` (`group_id`, `group_name`, `group_level`) VALUES (1, 'admin', 0),(2, 'storeadmin', 250),(3, 'shopper', 500),(4, 'demo', 750);

CREATE TABLE `jos_vm_auth_user_group` (
`user_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
`group_id` int(11) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`user_id`)
) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='Maps the user to user groups';
INSERT INTO `jos_vm_function` VALUES
(NULL, 1, 'usergroupAdd', 'usergroup.class', 'add', 'Add a new user group', 'admin'),
(NULL, 1, 'usergroupUpdate', 'usergroup.class', 'update', 'Update an user group', 'admin'),
(NULL, 1, 'usergroupDelete', 'usergroup.class', 'delete', 'Delete an user group', 'admin');

+ new user group management (admin.usergroup_form.php, admin.usergroup_list.php)

06.11.2006 soeren

  1. fixed the function form to work with the prototype ajax object
    + coupon code used for the order is stored now and displayed in the admin order details listing
    !! DATABASE STRUCTURE CHANGED !! # adding coupon code tracking for orders
    ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_orders` ADD `coupon_code` VARCHAR NULL AFTER `coupon_discount` ;
  1. fixed a bug which prevented ordering in product list
    ^ coloured the editable price fields in the product list: added a CSS class "editable" to the admin.styles.css
    ^ merged the CSV improvements by RolandH into the CSV files

30.10.2006 soeren

  1. no title tag displayed for empty categories (shop.browse.php)

27.10.2006 soeren

+ re-integrated the "mini cart" ajax updater on any cart event
^ moved /js/vmAjax.js to /themes/default/theme.js

24-10-2006 soeren

^ moved the deprecated Mambo 4.5.x/Joomla 1.0.x language constants to the language files
+ cart action notices are put into the language files now
  1. added a header "Content-type: " to the connectiontools class to allow correct character encoding
    when sending ajaxed content
    ^ changed the "lightbox" message-windows to these new prototype Windows
    ^ changed most Ajax-based functions to use Prototype
    + added WindowJS javascript functions:
    these windows look great and work better than the LightBox Windows,
    they can even use effects/animation from scriptaculous
    + added MooTools javascripts
    - removed Moo.Fx javascripts
  2. bug in vmCommonHTML::parseContentByMambots, returns an empty text when this feature is turned off

18-10-2006 gregdev

  1. Task #959 — Virtuemart search bot not working properly

17-10-2006 gregdev

  1. Task #969 — order_id error in Dutch language file VM vs. 1.0.7
  2. Task #973 — Error in mod_product_categories
    !# fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities

13-10-2006 gregdev

!# fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities

04-10-2006 gregdev

  1. Task #962 — skip_fields not initialized in checkout_register_form.php
  2. Task #978 — PHP Short-Tag used in ps_paypal.php
    !# fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities QUERY_STRING and shopItemid

02-10-2006 soeren

^ various changes for Joomla! 1.5 compatibility
!# fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities though Itemid parameter

13-09-2006 soeren

+ added the user field type "euvatid", you can now publish such a field and assign users
who provide a valid EU VAT ID into a different shopper group (than default)
^ the order status codes 'P' (Pending), 'C' (Confirmed) and 'X' (Cancelled) have been declared as "protected order status codes". The code can't be changed or deleted (but the order status name can still be changed, of course!)

+ added an order status description field to the order status form
!!! Database Structure Changed !!! ###### # 13.09.2006 Allow Order Status Descriptions
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_order_status` ADD `order_status_description` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `order_status_name`; ######

12-09-2006 soeren

!! Small Database Change: Changed an "INDEX" Key to a "PRIMARY" Key in the table jos_vm_category_xref # # 12.09.2006 improve category listing performance
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_category_xref` DROP INDEX `category_xref_category_child_id` ;
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_category_xref` ADD PRIMARY KEY ( `category_child_id` ) ;

05-09-2006 soeren

  1. state list not updating when country selection changed
    ^ user permission groups are listed in a multi-select box now (function_form and module_form)
    ^ core function form enhancements: * all available class are listed in a drop-down list * function method list is fetched dynamically using ajax, so all available methods of the selected class are listed

03-09-2006 soeren

  1. Problem downloading larger files, e.g. >16MB (ps_main.php) (
02-09-2006 gregdev
  1. Task #938 - Product list select statement causes MySql out of memory error
  2. Task #734 - transmenu.php wrong itemid in a first menu level
  3. Task #933 - Reports fail with RG_EMULATION=0
  4. Task #870 - Wrong template used for Order Status Change link (ps_order.php)
  5. Task #868 - missing pathway's style class in Account Maintenance (account.billing.php, account.order_details.php, account.shipto.php, account.shipping.php)
  6. Task #867 - errors in german language-file
  7. Task #861 - Control panel when press any button on frontend administration are not displayed. (reportbasic.index.php)

31-08-2006 soeren

^ switched from Behaviour JS to moo.dom to attach events to various elements (
(it is much much much smaller by filesize!!)
+ made the usage of the Lightbox for product images optional (see theme configuration!)
+ made the Greybox checkout optional (see theme configuration!)
+ added the LiteBox script to the available Javascripts.
Litebox is a lightweight Lightbox derivate using just moo.fx and prototype.lite (see

  1. Task #887 - Minimum Amount for Free Shipping (ps_main.php)
    ^ EU tax mode implementation by Sam Morris <>
    affected files: ps_checkout.php, ps_product.php, basket.php, admin.show_cfg.php, all language files
  2. possible errors in tax total calculation when coupons are used in vendor-based tax mode

29-08-2006 soeren

  1. Task #901 - FileManager's pics > Commas in Tittle bug.
  2. Task #735 - attributes errors (ps_product.php) - (double currency symbols and price modifiers not adding up when one "price setter" is selected in the attributes)
  3. Task #839 - "Add to Cart" twice for same product removes product (ps_cart.php)
    + added cache-control / expire / last-modified headers in fetchscript.php and show_image_in_imgtag.php to
    increase performance by using client caching capabilities

^ updated the vmnValidateEmail function to check for correct email addresses (ps_main.php)
+ added name & subject checks for email sending (J! 1.0.11) (ps_main.php)
^ changed the vmSpoofValue function to work with J! 1.0.11 (ps_main.php)

25-08-2006 soeren
  1. fixed hidden select boxes on "display lightbox" staying hidden

^ moved a lot of global declarations from virtuemart_parser.php to global.php (what do we have this file for if not for globals ;-) ?)
+ added global variable $vmDir for being able to track different installations of VM in the same Joomla installation
(this is to be implemented laaaaater on)
+ added function writeThemeConfig to SQL installation/update scripts

22-08-2006 soeren

^ moved /html/coupon.coupon_field.php to /templates/common/couponField.tpl.php
^ products that are already in the cart are increased in quantity now

+ added a PHP script called "fetchscript" that allows us to send gzip-compressed javascripts and stylesheets (when gzip = 1)
All new Javascripts and Stylesheets are called using fetchscript.php now.
+ added Lighbox2 image links to Flypage + "more images"
+ added waiting list to product form, the storeadmin can decide to notify users about the stock level change or not.

14-08-2006 soeren

+ finished feature to allow customers order in a different currency
  1. Task #804 - On status change text showing 'rn' instead of CR (ps_order.php)

02-08-2006 soeren

+ template files for the product rating and review part
+ added theme configuration, based on the mosParameters specification
Themes have a configuration file now: theme.config.php.

27-07-2006 soeren

  1. Task #850 - Order list not showing all orders

^ moved the functions "validate_image" and "process_images" from the ps_main.php to the new
class file "imageTools.class.php", class "vmImageTools"

25-07-2006 soeren

^ started working on Theming support for VirtueMart. the first steps were * created a new directory "components/com_virtuemart/themes" with a "default" theme
for the start. Each theme has its own subdirectory with separate directories css, templates and images * themes hold a central CSS file called "theme.css", images for "checkout", "availability" and "stars" (more to follow) * the file admin.css controls the look of admin styles, mainly used for frontend administration * themes can be switched in the shop configuration - * the URL and path of the selected theme is stored in two new configuration constants called
VM_THEMEURL and VM_THEMEPATH * all the "template files" have been moved from "administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html/templates" to "components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/templates" where they have the same dir structure as before * references from the old image URLs to the new theme-based image URLs have be updated

+ Content Mambots can be used now to parse product and category descriptions
=> new configuration constant "VM_CONTENT_PLUGINS_ENABLE"; default: disabled

^ Bank account information is only requested now at the "payment method selection" step
Removed the global configuration switch
^ changed all text input fields for template names (like "shop.flypage") to dropdown lists
where you can select the right template file.
^ changed the "payment class" input field to a dropdown list where you can select one of the
available payment method classes

+ added a new directory "currency" for holding different currency converter modules
the globally used converter is controlled by the constant "VM_CURRENCY_CONVERTER_MODULE"
the default setting is "convertECB"

22-07-2006 soeren

+ added a workaround for installations where the "Session Save Path" is not writable.
VM will try using the global cache path for storing session files instead.

18-07-2006 soeren

  1. various stability fixes to the "Shared SSL"-Redirect functions.
    It's now possible to jump from https to http and back without loosing
    session information (=cart and login)
28-06-2006 soeren
  1. Task #780 - VM don't send the confirmation order to user or admin, update status order don't run (ps_affiliate.php)
  2. Task #817 - relative url is missing server base (ps_product_attribute.php)
  3. 2Checkout order_total number format corrected
  4. Task #814 - mysql_escape_string issues (class.inputfilter.php, htmltools.class.php)
  5. Task #816 - missing "alt" attribute in category images on shop.index.php
    ^ adjusted login procedure to comply with Joomla 1.0.10 (ps_main.php, checkout.login_form, mod_virtuemart.php)
    + added new functions called "vmSpoofValue" and "vmSpoofCheck" as used in Joomla 1.0.10

22-06-2006 soeren

^ Product Scroller now scrolls left and right with all the products in 1 row

07-06-2006 soeren

  1. "only variables should be assigned by reference..." errors in the file menuBar.class.php

04-05-2006 soeren

^ featured products module now accepts more than one category ID (comma-separated list possible), thanks to Ben (deneb!)
^ featured products module now randomly sorting featured products

02-05-2006 soeren

! DATABASE STRUCTURE CHANGED: table 'jos_vm_vendor' gets a new field ! # 02.05.2006 Multi-Currency Feature
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_vendor` ADD `vendor_accepted_currencies` TEXT NOT NULL ;

29-04-2006 soeren

^ changed the tree script to TigraTree for the "Product Folders" list.
It builds the tree much faster than the JSCookTree and dTree script and even works with 10.000+ items.
+ Tigra Tree Menu Javacript
  1. Task #73 - Order Confirm E-Mail - Plain text & html text of Message differ (ps_checkout.php)

26-04-2006 soeren

  1. Task #729 - additional address links in admin (admin.user_form.php)
  2. Task #733 - Discount causes error message in Order Details page
    + added the possibility to add a product by product type
  3. product type form&list missing an object
    - pay-download form removed from product form
    + allowing multiple pay-download files per product now (useful when the file size is so large that you need to split up the file)
    + allowing the file manager to manage product (main) images
    - FileManager product list

23-04-2006 soeren

+ Now it is possible to easily inform your customers about their order cancellation right
and your returns policy (as required by law in most european countries!)
=> added 3 new configuration parameters
! Update your configuration when updating from an earlier version
  1. hiding attribute price modifiers when the user has no permission to view prices
20-04-2006 soeren
  1. Task #722 - Undefined index: coupon_discount in ps_checkout.php
  2. Task #721 - Trying to get property of non-object in shop.debug.php
  3. Task #560 - Clone Product with Child Products (added "SHOW" as result-returning-case ps_database.php)
  4. Task #675 - No permissions to view products after search (virtuemart.searchbot.php)
  5. Task #698 - Lost password link uses relative link instead of absolute (mod_virtuemart.php)
  6. Task #707 - Payment method at the end of the checkout is not shown (ps_checkout.php)
  7. Lightbox fixes for IE
    + dynamic price form in the product list (Click on a price and it loads!)
    ^ admin product list now showing the prices of the default shopper group

18-04-2006 soeren
+ new vmConnector class (vmConnector.class.php). It can be used to retrieve remote URLs and documents. It tries to
use cURL to do the communication when available. When a proxy has been set, the proxy is
used for all outgoing calls.
The new function vmconnector::handleCommunication( $url, $postData='' ) is to be used by
payment and shipping modules. No need anymore to handle that transaction part in the module itself.
+ Possibility to enter Proxy information. This is espcically useful when trying to use
UPS/USPS on godaddy servers.
+ Currency Converter implemented. From now on the store converts currencies when necessary.
If the product price currency is "USD" and the store currency is "EUR", all prices are
converted using an XML file with the latest rates from the European Central Bank (ECB, function convertECB).
The XML file is cached and refreshed regularly. See /classes/currency_convert.php.
You can change the displayed currency in the frontend by adding the parameter "product_currency" to the URL:

A module to allow changing the displayed currency by selecting one from a list will follow.
  1. Task #705 - Product Type Pagelinks are not working due to wrong $num_rows (product.product_type_list.php)

12-04-2006 soeren

+ "recommend this product to a friend" mod by Benjamin (codename-matrix)
+ new configuration parameters for the review system (minium/maximum comment length...)
^ JoomFish compatibility requires the field "attribute_id" for the table jos_vm_product_attribute, so here it is:
Thanks, Steven and spookstaz ########
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product_attribute` ADD `attribute_id` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY FIRST ; # Ask a question!
INSERT INTO `jos_vm_function` VALUES ('', 7, 'productAsk', 'ps_communication', 'mail_question', 'Lets the customer send a question about a specific product.', 'admin,storeadmin,shopper,demo'); # Prevent auto-publishing of product reviews
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_product_reviews` ADD `published` CHAR NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Y'; #########

+ "ask a question" - enquiry mod by macallf (
+ new Lightbox javascript added to have a cool modal window during an Ajax request! =>
+ added Moo.Ajax javascript to provide XMLHttpRequest services (aka Ajax)

10-04-2006 soeren
^ product list now opens a new window to display the product form. Forms are to be "ajaxified" soon.
+ added the famous "Apply" button to all Save/Cancel forms, now it shows: Save / Apply / Cancel
  1. user fields not allowing userUpdate
  2. user form not working on Mambo 4.6.0
    - some non-critical INDEX corrections

04-04-2006 soeren

+ added "Newsletter subscription" to field type list. You can now allow users to subscribe to your newsletter
at the time of registration. Currently possible: Letterman subscription (YaNC, ANJEL - who knows how to hook in there?)
^ uploaded images get "real" file names now using product_name,category_name or vendor_name (before it was a random md5 hash)

02-04-2006 soeren

  1. Task #632 - get_flypage doesn't take into consideration parent products (ps_product.php)
  2. Task #631 - Customer Unable to Remove Data from Bill To / Ship To Fields
  3. Task #629 - PayFlow Pro does not handle 4 digit expiration dates gracefully
  4. Task #511 - Discount % percentage is ignored by cart (ps_product.php)
  5. Page redirection on error from Ship-To address from fixed, thanks TJ! (account.shipto.php)

29-03-2006 soeren

^ integrated the changes to the class by Daniel Wagner (
  1. wrong object names in PayPal notify.php script lead to a fatal error
  2. Task #656 - "Remember Me" must be enabled to checkout, checkout_registration_form.php
  3. tooltip function: added charset parameter to encode UTF-8 strings too, htmlTools.class.php
    + introduced a new function called "vmGetCharset" to return the current charset from the _ISO setting (UTF-8 by default), ps_main.php

+ new DHL shipping method integration, thanks to Durian!

NEW TABLE "jos_vm_shipping_label"

+ customer name on oder list

28-03-2006 soeren
  1. query error in ps_affiliate.php
  2. fixed reviews listing ("More..." - link when more than 5 reviews exist for a product) in the frontend (ps_reviews.php)
  3. fixed page navigation on product review list in adminsitration (product.review_list.php)
    + customer name on order list (thanks to deneb!), (order.order_list.php)
  4. Fixed PayPal notify.php script:
    - wrong field name (` order_currency` instead of `order_currency`)
    - checking received currency and amount against database
  5. parameter search query missing a `

27-03-2006 soeren

  1. version.php causing fatal error regarding "class vmVersion previously declared..."
  2. Prices visible to all users, although restricted
  3. Admin Menu not visible with chinese language file (htmlentities missing third (=Charset) parameter)
  4. CSV Export doesn't export parent product SKU (parent-child relationship gets lost)
  5. fixed a small typo in the product scroller module

VirtueMart 1.1.x