Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.0 RC2

---- 1.0.0 RC2 released ----

06-11-2005 soeren
changed all occurences to 'com_phpshop' to 'com_virtuemart' in payment methods
bug #164 (Admin doesn't accept any input and doesn't change pages)
fixed a fatal error in the install.php

04-11-2005 soeren
when updating the order status from the order list, always a customer notification would be sent
the Altbody (alternative text part of an email) is utf8_encoded now,
when the language charset is 'utf-8' (standard in all new language files in joomla!)
+ Manufacturer ID is shown in manufacturer_list now
+ added search by product_sku to searchbot
^ payment method and shipping method are validated again on orderAdd
fixed the shipping_rate_id validation in the standard_shipping module
moved the coupon field back into the cart
wrong names for new customers in overview
- removed the table prefix replacing function from ps_database
^ changed the url formatting function ps_session::url to use $mm_action_url instead of URL
more fixes to the Shared SSL support (it now logs the user in on the https domain, even when Joomla is used)

02-11-2005 soeren
fatal error in payment method form in frontend
passkey change code didn't work (e.g.
admin top menu didn't show up when quotes in a module name
usps module referenced wrong DOMIT! path
coupon add didn't work
wrong rounding of the subtotal field
! table structure changed! #####
ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_orders`
CHANGE `order_subtotal` `order_subtotal` DECIMAL NULL DEFAULT NULL; #####
^ refreshed paypal code (removed tax field, charging amount=subtotal+tax and shipping now).

01-11-2005 soeren
category_flypage was 'flypage' regardless of the category setting (changed ps_DB::sf() )
^ changed coupon field to be displayed only on the payment method selection screen
percentage coupon was miscalculated on quantity update in cart (thanks gwen)
^ currency symbol in store form is now stored as HTML entity (? => € )
^ payment methods are surrounded by fieldsets now

28-10-2005 soeren
changed shopmakeHtmlSafe to use hmtlspecialchars instead of htmlentities
fixed a lot of queries using a database object instead of ps_DB
replaced all occurences of mosToolTip by mm_ToolTip
tax rate is automatically divided by 100 when larger than 1.0
"view more images" wasn't shown on product details, view_images page had SQL errors

27-10-2005 soeren
fixed a bug in ps_order.php, where the mail would have been sent to '' (nobody)
some fixes for the wz_tooltip (using htmlentities now)
^ page navigation links only show up when more results are there to display than $limit
+ added page navigation to order list in account maintenance section
+ added tax amount to paypal payment form code
fixed a big bug in the SQL update of the user data to VirtueMart
+ added quick (un)publish feature to category and payment method list
- files admin.user.hmtl.php, store.user.html.php
^ restricted access to the user list & form to conform with joomla's user component access
+ added new class vmAbstractObject
+ added new handlePublishState function (class vmAbstractObject)
^ changed productPublish function to handlePublishState
! Database table entry changed: ##############
UPDATE `jos_vm_function` SET `function_name` = 'changePublishState',
`function_class` = 'vmAbstractObject.class',
`function_method` = 'handlePublishState',
`function_description` = 'Changes the publish field of an item, so that it can be published or unpublished easily.' WHERE `function_id` =139 LIMIT 1 ; ##############

26-10-2005 soeren
+ added debugging to image upload function
Bug #181 ? Can't add new prices to product

25-10-2005 soeren
Bug #174 ? Checkout using USPS Module, fixed path to xml domit! library
^ renamed /html/VERSION.php to /html/footer.php
^ changed the colors of the order list to joomla css classes (account maintance section)
FR #127 font size in tab headings too big in safari browser
+ added new language tokens for the Log integration
Bug #166 ? virtuemart-beta4-shared SSL
Bug #173 - Registration with e-mails over 25 characters
bug #176 - beta4: message tax included displayed even if OFF
^ FR #125 vendor name in shopper group drop-down

24-10-2005 soeren
fixed a bug where "" couldn't be used for username (converting - to _ now)
^ file uploading errors are handled better now
+ introduced new global Log object for better Error Message Handling
See for docs.
The class and its child classes can be found in /classes/Log. VM uses a modified version
of the display class. Support for buffering and formatting depending on priority was added.

22-20-2005 soeren
+ added ability to change username + password through shop's billing form
waiting list extension printing errors...

20-10-2005 soeren
fixed various bugs in modules (vm_dtree, vm_transmenu, vm_JSCook, vm_product_categories, vm_productscroller)
category_id is lost when (un)publishing a product directly from the product list

19-10-2005 soeren
fixed session debug messages, a session isn't started in the backend now
fixed various installation / update bugs
^ changed Mail functions * renamed mShop_Mailer to vmMailer * added the functions vmMail (similar to mosMail) and vmCreateMail( similar to mosCreateMail) * line-ending fix for Mac & Win problems sending mail (Could not instatiate mail function)

made labels for payment methods clickable
fixed bug #137 'unpublished products can become related products'

19-10-2005 schirmer
fixed Top10 module showing products multiple times if it has more than one category

18-10-2005 soeren
^ Changed the field jos_vm_order_item.product_item_price from DECIMAL to DECIMAL to prevent rounding errors ##########
ALTER TABLE `mos_vm_order_item` CHANGE `product_item_price` `product_item_price` DECIMAL NULL DEFAULT NULL; ##########

+ re-added shop.registration.php (includes login form and registration form)
changed cart initialitation function from "ps_cart" to "initCart"
fixed bug #135 Cannot use a scalar value as an array
bug in product folder view
^ introduced new blue icons
bug in product file form + filemanager

17-10-2005 soeren
user registration required email, although no email field was there
credit card payment wasn't recognized correctly on order details screens
^ added Credit Card details to order confirmation email
^ last 4 digits of a Credit Card number are masked by asterisks now (security!) in administration
fixed the PDF function (a file was missing php code), updated HTML2FPDF to version 3.02beta
prices from advanced attribute field didn't include shopper group discount,
when the price was set to a fixed price ( Color,blue,green[=45.00]; )
dtree module crashed - missing global $db declaration

14-10-2005 soeren
On registration an error from the Joomla registration function would empty all fields
+ added new Version check link to admin section
keyword length is restricted to 50 from now on (security), prevents 10000 characters long keyword via URL

12-10-2005 soeren
wz_tooltip.js is included now whenever mm_ToolTip was called
^ The registration & billto form have been completely rewritten
The are built out of a loop now, that runs through an array with all fields and
marks required fields. This prepares the integration of a form & field management
component! You can already now easily re-arrange the fields by changing their order.
+ Added complete JS validation to the registration / billto forms
Uses vmCommonHTML::printJS_formvalidation() to print a JS form validation function

11-10-2005 soeren
fixed a bug in the shopper-registration of a registered user
+ added SwitchCard support to CC numbers validation

10-10-2005 soeren
^ moved to class vmInputFiler to prevent SQL injection
(we always had our own basic protection against that, but vmInputFilter was especially made for that)
To secure a variable just use $variable = $vmInputFilter->safeSQL( $variable );
fixed a dumb bug in the function ps_product_attributes::cartGetAttributes
(allowed to add products without choosing attributes)
^ moved ACL code for 'show_prices' authentication into ps_perm::prepareACL()
^ moved cart initialization code into a new constructor for ps_cart
^ moved Session initialization code into ps_session::initSession(); a new constructor calls this on class instantiation

09-10-2005 soeren
+ new Configuration parameter VM_SILENT_REGISTRATION
allows users to "silently" register into Mambo/Joomla
means they don't have to fill in a username and password at the registration.
! you can use the configuration panel to set this value; default: 1 (=enabled)

08-10-2005 soeren
+ added new configuration parameter VM_PRICE_ACCESS_LEVEL
The value is the name of a Joomla user group, default: "Public Frontend"
It can be used to restrict the price display to certian membergroups (including their childs)
+ added new configuration parameter VM_PRICE_SHOW_INCLUDINGTAX
A flag to turn on or off the message (including 8.5% tax) behind a price display
+ added new configuration parameter VM_PRICE_SHOW_PACKAGING_PRICELABEL
A flag to switch between usual price labels or packaging price labels (which are used, when Packaging Units are set)
^ re-arranged fields in the configuration panel

07-10-2005 soeren
+ new function vmPopupLink to quickly generate a JS + XHTML compliant link
TopTen module optimized (ran 11 queries before on 10 products, now ONE)

06-10-2005 soeren
^ updated the PayPal Form Code according to this post (

06-10-2005 schirmer
tax list optional with onChange field. product_form automatically edits the price fields if tax is changed.
public frontend fixed. New menu buttons didn't send admin state pshop_mode variable.

06-10-2005 schirmer
typos in install script
missing / in dummy phpshop file

05-10-2005 soeren
+ added new product discount "overrides" to the product form which can be used to
fill in a discounted end user price, from which a discount will be calculated and added to the product discount list
fixed a bug in install.php
+ added a new CVS module 'build_scripts', so you can build your installers

04-10-2005 soeren
^ moved the Shipping Rates and Carriers of the standard shipping module into sample data file
^ the class ps_user registers users into VirtueMart (function for admins!)
^ the class ps_shopper registers Shoppers into VirtueMart (function add for Shoppers)
^ Changed the registration process to use the registration component of Mambo/Joomla
- file shop.registration.php
! User Management no longer uses modified Mambo files, but includes needed functions.
- file admin.users.html.php

04-10-2005 schirmer
^ Updated Montrada payment class for VirtueMart
Minor fix in url generation in ps_session. If option is specified com_virtuemart will not be appended.
Category count now displays correct count for vendors
Error messages from ps_product now are space seperated for better readability

01-10-2005 soeren
- Removed many fields from the table jos_vm_modules which are not longer necessary (and were actually never needed)
! Updated all SQL files and the Installation script
! Beginning to change the code to not to use mos_users table for customer information
! ##Database Structure Changes ##!
Details: /sql/UPDATE-SCRIPT_mambo-phpshop_1.2_stable-pl3_to_VirtueMart_1.0.sql

^ Changed all tooltips to use wz_tooltip, this gives always working tooltips - even on tabbed forms
+ added JS ToolTip by Walter Zorn to VirtueMart

30-09-2005 schirmer
frontend administration can't load page
missing pshop_mode=admin in inventory for links
ps_affiliate undefined index afid on checkout in register_sale function
^ list_year in ps_html changed to dynamic year list
store.index only shows apropriate options and information. no links to unusable modules or non-vendor specific stats
fixed duplicate files listed on flypage

- updated all files to use com_virtuemart as path
- updated all queries to use {vm} as shop table prefix
- fixed product file listing
- renamed phpshop.php to virtuemart.php
- added "update to virtuemart" routines to install.php

- Domit! libraries are not longer included in VirtueMart, Mambo provides them
WYSIWYG Editor not loading in frontend admin
^ Frontend Administration uses the backend toolbar now (shared administration)
^ changed the file headers of all files to carry the new name (VirtueMart) and a copyright notice

26-09-2005 soeren
fixed the "product inventory" and "special products" list

25-09-2005 soeren
! configuration constant SEARCH_ROWS (deprecated) is to be replaced by $mosConfig_list_limit
- removed Mail configuration from configuration form (dropping support for Mambo < 4.5.1 )
- removed configuration constant MAX_ROWS.
^ changed the configuration file (virtuemart.cfg.php) to build URLs and Paths from Mambo configuration variables
This means that you don't have to adjust your configuration file when moving a site.
^ updated all forms to use the new formFactory class and it's methods
+ new class formFactory for managing common form tasks in all administration forms in virtuemart

18-09-2005 soeren
^ Language files are updated. Language Strings can be returned as HTML Entity-encoded Strings. * class vmAbstractLanguage is the base class for all language files. * function _() returns an html entity-encoded string
! language classes extend class vmAbstractLanguage from now on. mosAbstractClass is deprecated.
- file mos_4.6_code.php will be removed. * vmAbstractLanguage & mosAbstractLanguage class moved into language.class.php * mosMailer / mosCommonHTML compat code moved into ps_main.php

13-09-2005 soeren
+ changed the product files list to show images in a tooltip
added code to prevent that manufacturers are deleted which still have products assigned to it
changed virtuemart_parser.php not to be greedy on variables when $option is NOT "com_virtuemart"
this should fix conflicts with variables of the same name used by other components
^ Updated the toolbar to allow batch delete / (un)publishing of items in lists
^ Changed complete page navigation to Mambo style (also remembers list positions!)
Product Quantity wasn't updated in cart when adding the same product again
! functions search_header and search_footer will be removed. Don't use them. Use the class listFactory and its methods instead.
^ changed all shop administration lists to use the new class listFactory. No more HTML Code in those lists!
+ added new file "htmlTools.class.php" containing a listFactory for admin lists
+ added new file "pageNavigation.class.php" (copy of the administrator/includes/pageNavigation.php)
+ added new file "/js/functions.js" for JS functions in the administration area

06-09-2005 soeren
^ mod_virtuemart: changed the default value for "Pre-Text" to "" (empty!)
product search not handling keywords as separate search words, but as one (normal search)

01-09-2005 soeren

+ added a CSS file called shop.css to /css: will control all shop specific layout in the future
^ moved some program logic from virtuemart_parser.php to their appropriate classes

31-08-2005 soeren
products with a single quote (') didn't have a visible product image
^ upated the CSV documentation
^ product form: moved the discount drop-down list to product information tab
added a check to test if the IMAGEPATH is writable (see Tab "product images")
Custom Attribute Values would allow the customer to alter the product price (thanks to "Ary Group" <> for reporting that)

26-08-2005 Zdenek Dvorak
+ Now is possible use EXTRA FIELDS in user_info. Just set variable PHPSHOP_SHOPPER_FORM_EXTRA_FIELD_X (where X is from 1 to 5)
in language file and new input field will be shown in user's billing and shipping address form and in order details. Size of
extra field 1, 2 and 3 is 255 chars. Size of extra field 4 and 5 is one char and they are shown as input select field.
For reasonable using extra field 4 and 5 is needed change items of input select in functions list_extra_field_4
and list_extra_field_5 in file classes/ps_html.php.
You can change position of this fields in form in files: account.shipto.php account.billing.php account.order_details.php
admin.users.html.php admin.user_address_form.php
+ User info in order includes EXTRA FIELDS. #REQUIRES a DATABASE UPDATE! ##
^ #Database structure changed ##
{vm}_order_user_info ADD `extra_field_1` varchar(255) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE mos_{vm}_order_user_info ADD `extra_field_2` varchar(255) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE mos_{vm}_order_user_info ADD `extra_field_3` varchar(255) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE mos_{vm}_order_user_info ADD `extra_field_4` char(1) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE mos_{vm}_order_user_info ADD `extra_field_5` char(1) default NULL;
+ New input field in user's shipping and billing address: phone_2
wrong address_type in file account.shipto.php
wrong $missing comparision for address_type_name in files account.shipto.php and admin.user_address_form.php
showing $missing_style in file admin.user_address_form.php
URL for editing shipping address in file admin.users.html.php
+ New variables in language file

12-08-2005 Zdenek Dvorak
+ New feature in backend: You can search products by:
- modified date of product (You can search products which are very old and need update or which are new and need be checked)
- modified date of product's price (Very usefull if you use price synchronizing with other system - e.g. company accountancy)
- products with no price
+ New features: unit & packaging #REQUIRES a DATABASE UPDATE! ##
You can set unit of product, number units in packaging and number units in box. For showing packaging in product_details is
needed use in flypage {product_packaging} - see html/templates/product_details/flypage.php
^ #Database structure changed ##
ALTER TABLE `mos_{vm}_product` ADD `product_unit` varchar(32);
ALTER TABLE `mos_{vm}_product` ADD `product_packaging` int(11);
^ Now is possible set default product weight unit (pounds) and default product length unit (inches) in language file:
+ New language file for Czech translation (czechiso.php with ISO-8859-2 and czech1250.php with CP1250 codepage)
+ New parameter for modul virtuemart: moduleclass_sfx

09-08-2005 Zdenek Dvorak
bad showing last_page in cart and show error message if no product_id (no redirecting) (ps_cart.php)
error message befor login to show account.order_details (ps_main.php)
error message in no tax_rate (before show Shipping Address) (ps_product_attribute.php)
bad redirecting if URL == SECUREURL (ps_session.php)
vertical aligning button "Add to Cart" (shop.product_details.php)

02-08-2005 soeren
categories from the category list were not shown in the list under some circumstances
Slashes were stripped out of text when saving a payment method (extrainfo)
^ moved the SQL Queries out of the file shop.browse.php into shop_browse_queries.php

01-08-2005 Zdenek Dvorak
Product Type: File mod_virtuemart.php, variable _PHPSHOP_PARAMETER_SEARCH was changed to _PHPSHOP_ADVANCED_PARAMETER_SEARCH

Tax Total wasn't calculated correctly when MULTIPLE_TAXRATES_ENABLE was set to 1 and a disount was applied
Product Discounts weren't calculated correctly when PAYMENT_DISCOUNT_BEFORE was enabled (ps_product::get_advanced_attribute_price())
basket.php didn't calculate the correct Tax Amount when a Coupont has been redeemed
Coupon Discount wasn't calculated correctly (when Percentage) - ps_coupon::process_coupon_code()
Quantity Discounts didn't show the correct price in the basket (ps_product::get_price())
Related Products couldn't be changed in Product Form
^ more changes for Mambelfish compatiblity (added product_id / category_id to various SQL queries)

19-07-2005 soeren
Tax Rate for other states didn't return 0 when no tax rate was specified
Report Basic Module doing an endless loop when showing single products
Product Form always displaying the name of the first Shopper Group, not saving the price to the correct shopper group
+ CSV: Added the "Skip the first line" feature by Christian Lehmann (thanks!)
so you can just keep the column names in the first line of the CSV file

01-07-2005 Zdenek Dvorak
! changed ToolTip in files ps_product_type.php, shop.parameter_search_form.php, product.product_form.php and
Now is used function mm_ToolTip.

^ changed the PNG Fix to this solution:
(this doesn't let images disappear)

27-06-2005 soeren
Checkout not working (Minimum Purchase Order Value not reached)

---- derived from mambo-phpShop 1.2 stable - patch level 3 ----

---- mambo-phpShop 1.2 stable patch level 3 released ----

Virtuemart 1.0.x

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