Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.10

--- VirtueMart 1.0.10 released ---

03.03.2007 gregdev
  1. Added global $vmLogger in ps_config.
  2. Changed $page in admin.shop_cfg form (due to earlier ps_config change).
02.03.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1174 - Coupon discount does not change with Quantity (basket.php)
    + added Result Counter to the browse page (Results 1 - x of XX )
  2. quotes are not escaped in category names in the VM module in JSCookTree mode (vm_JSCook.php)
    ^ hiding text "This category is currently empty" when the category has child categories (shop.browse.php)

01.03.2007 gregdev
^ optimized category tree creation (ps_product_category.php, product.product_category_list.php)

27.01.2007 soeren

^ no cookie check is done when the shop is used as catalogue only (ps_session.php)
  1. fixed SSL redirection when Shared SSL is used on Joomla! 1.0.12 (ps_session.php)
    ^ changed the simple attributes' price modifier handling from user-submitted prices to price modifiers retrieved from
    the product's attribute field in the DB. So the [+3.99] price modifiers are not longer part of the
    drop down list, but just the attribute values like "red" or "big". (ps_product_attribute.php, ps_product.php)
21.02.2007 soeren
  1. adjusted the compat file for the latest Joomla! 1.5 SVN (compat.joomla1.5.php)
  2. mosproductsnap - Fatal Error (only variables should be passed by reference)
    + added "featured=y" and "discounted=y" parameters for the browse page to allow to filter by featured or discounted products (shop_browse_queries.php)
19.02.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1161 - Updated PS_Linkpoint should be included in future releases
  2. Task #1160 - Registration - Empty state list + Fix (ps_html.php)
  3. Task #1153 - email address not required at registration (ps_shopper.php)
  4. Task #1150 - vmcchk=1 breaks SEO URL (ps_session.php)
  5. Task #1147 - shop.parameter_search_form.php error with template...
  6. Task #1146 - Small bug in order-change-mail (ps_order.php)
13.02.2007 soeren
^ changed the input field for attributes and custom attributes in the product form to a textarea (product.product_form.php)
  1. fixed XSS vulnerabilities globally (virtuemart_parser.php)
16.01.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1098 - invalid html in shop.index.php
  2. Task #1100 - Make Manufacturers module work on "Select -> xx" rather than having to click [Search] button (mod_virtuemart_manufacturers.php)
  3. fixed an XSS vulnerability (ps_cart.php)
  4. Task #1084 - Memory eating loop when non-available fetching remote files (ps_product_files.php)

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