Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.12

--- VirtueMart 1.0.12 released ---

26.06.2007 gregdev
  1. Corrected PHP short tags in USPS shipping module

25.06.2007 soeren

^ Updated the USPS Shipping module to version 3.0 (thank you Corey!!)

20.06.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1255 - image uploads broken when open_basedir is set (ps_main.php)
  2. Task #1289 - Logged out when using Secure https in Joomla - Virtuemart Backend - Bug (ps_session.php)
    ^ Manufacturer Module: Stripped off Tables, Changed manufacturer list from table rows to unordered list
19.06.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1297 - Coupon discount total does not adjust after removing item from cart (basket.php, ps_cart.php)
  2. Task #1299 - Credit card number accepts a string as valid (ps_payment_method.php)
  3. Task #1319 - Lockup issue with permissions on browse_* files. (ps_main.php)
18.06.2007 gregdev
  1. Fixed fatal coupon error upon adding coupon to order (ps_coupon.php)
  2. Corrected LEFT JOIN that was causing payment method code to not run (checkout.thankyou.php)
13.06.2007 soeren
  1. Task #1316 - When deleting orders, records in 'order_history' and 'order_user_info' are not deleted (ps_order.php)
  2. Fixed the htmlentities bug, which caused the Admin Menu to display wrong characters or not to be displayed at all (header.php)

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