Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.6

---- VirtueMart 1.0.6 released ----

08-07-2006 soeren

fixed USPS class by Corey

07-07-2006 soeren

empty cart on checkout when using Shared SSL in SEF mode
Task #775 - Transmenu (at least) does not sort categories correctly (Shop_Menu.php)
Task #802 - filename not saved when adding a product (ps_product.php)
Task #803 - TAX now showing on attribute price modifications in confirm Mail AND order confirmation page (account.order_details.php, ps_checkout.php)
Task #829 - Call to a member function on a non-object (on order status update, ps_order.php)
+ reintroduced the PayPal IPN amount/currency check, now using the correct PayPal variables (notify.php)

02-07-2006 soeren

Free Shipping not calculated on "subtotal with tax", but on "subtotal without tax" (ps_checkout.php)
^ Updated Search Mambot (Thank you Mark! -

28-06-2006 soeren

Task #665 - shipping address save but without display (virtuemart_parser.php)
Task #780 - VM don't send the confirmation order to user or admin, update status order don't run (ps_affiliate.php)
Task #817 - relative url is missing server base (ps_product_attribute.php)
2Checkout order_total number format corrected
Task #788 - HTML bug in ps_order.php
Task #787 - Tab 'Order Status' in order admin panel empty in IE7 (order.order_print.php)
Task #784 - Can't edit files/images without a title (product.file_list.php)
Task #801 - 'vmMenu' not defined (htmltools.class.php)
Task #800 - Order list error: double order listings of the same order (order.order_list.php)
Task #814 - mysql_escape_string issues (class.inputfilter.php, htmltools.class.php)
Task #816 - missing "alt" attribute in category images on shop.index.php
^ adjusted login procedure to comply with Joomla 1.0.10 (ps_main.php, checkout.login_form, mod_virtuemart.php)
+ added new functions called "vmSpoofValue" and "vmSpoofCheck" as used in Joomla 1.0.10

07-06-2006 soeren
Task #795 - Edit user with VM 1.0.5 and Joomla 1.0.9
"only variables should be assigned by reference..." errors in the file menuBar.class.php

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