Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.7

---- VirtueMart 1.0.7 released ----

13-09-2006 soeren

  1. vendor info page not displaying information (RG_EMULATION issue, shop.infopage.php)

12-09-2006 soeren

  1. Fatal Error on admin user form (admin.user_form.php)
  2. Smaller fixes for RG_EMULATION, 0 (ps_checkout.php, ps_reportbasic.php, reportbasic.index.php)
    ^ CSV: If a field is NOT included in the CSV file (like product description) an existing value won't be overwritten
    ^ CSV: removed the requirement to have all fields in the CSV file (you can now leave all optional fields away!)
    ^ CSV: Changed the default CSV Field Ordering (only affects new installations)
    The first fields are now: product_sku,product_name,category_path,product_price,product_s_desc,product_desc,....

+ added a login form at the download page, so returning customers can easily login now.
^ improved the check for the session save path. If the session save path is not writable due to open_basedir
restrictions, no error is generated, because PHP can use such a directory when it is set in the php.ini

08-09-2006 soeren
+ introduced a new cookie check function that checks if the user accepts cookies - and if not - displays
a nice information about this issue. (ps_session.php)

07-09-2006 soeren
- removed the call to session_write_close() completely (was introduced for Mambo compatibility, but now it seems just to break it) (ps_session.php)
  1. PNGs not displaying in Internet Explorer: updated the Sleight.js for PNG/IE Fix (sleight.js)

03-09-2006 soeren

  1. Problem downloading larger files, e.g. >16MB (ps_main.php) (
02-09-2006 gregdev
  1. Task #938 - Product list select statement causes MySql out of memory error
  2. Task #734 - transmenu.php wrong itemid in a first menu level
  3. Task #933 - Reports fail with RG_EMULATION=0
  4. Task #870 - Wrong template used for Order Status Change link (ps_order.php)
  5. Task #868 - missing pathway's style class in Account Maintenance (account.billing.php, account.order_details.php, account.shipto.php, account.shipping.php)
  6. Task #867 - errors in german language-file
  7. Task #861 - Control panel when press any button on frontend administration are not displayed. (reportbasic.index.php)

31-08-2006 soeren

^ updated Error/Messages CSS styles
^ Link behaviour changed for "I agree to the terms of service".
Now a click on the link doesn't toggle the checkbox. (checkout_register_form.php)

29-08-2006 soeren

  1. Task #887 - Minimum Amount for Free Shipping (ps_main.php)
    ^ EU tax mode implementation by Sam Morris <>
    affected files: ps_checkout.php, ps_product.php, basket.php, admin.show_cfg.php, all language files
  2. possible errors in tax total calculation when coupons are used in vendor-based tax mode
  3. Task #901 - FileManager's pics > Commas in Tittle bug.
    ^ Task #904 - Cannot delete Product_type assingment of a product
  4. Task #735 - attributes errors (ps_product.php) - (double currency symbols and price modifiers not adding up when one "price setter" is selected in the attributes)
  1. Task #866 - Error removing last item from cart (checkout.index.php)
    ^ Adding the same product again and again now updates the quantity in cart
  2. Task #839 - "Add to Cart" twice for same product removes product (ps_cart.php)
    ^ added cache-control / expire / last-modified headers in show_image_in_imgtag.php to
    increase performance by using client caching capabilities
    ^ updated the mShop_validateEmail function to check for correct email addresses (ps_main.php)
    + added name & subject checks for email sending (J! 1.0.11) (ps_main.php)
    ^ changed the vmSpoofValue function to work with J! 1.0.11 (ps_main.php)

26-08-2006 soeren

  1. Task #902 - extra_field_4, fatal error when using extra fields in language file (checkout_register_form.php
23-08-2006 soeren
  1. "A shipping address with this nickname already exists" (ps_user_address.php)
  2. Blank PO on checkout (ps_checkout.php)

14-08-2006 soeren

  1. Task #804 - On status change text showing 'rn' instead of CR (ps_order.php)

27-07-2006 soeren

  1. Task #850 - Order list not showing all orders (order.order_list.php)

22-07-2006 soeren

+ added a workaround for installations where the "Session Save Path" is not writable.
VM will try using the global cache path for storing session files instead.(ps_session.php)

17-07-2006 soeren
  1. wrong redirection on checkout login when using Shared SSL on a Windows Server (checkout.login_form.php)
  2. added the missing function mosHash (Mambo-only problem!)

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