Changes in Virtuemart 1.0.8

--- VirtueMart 1.0.8 released ---

28.12.2006 soeren

^ Update the language files, removed some errors/typos
fixed a security issue in virtuemart_parser.php

27.12.2006 soeren
Task #1072 - Wrong Tip! (coupon.coupon_form.php)
^ displaying Manufacturer name in the product list instead of the vendor name.

21.12.2006 soeren
^ better ordering for the list of products in the tab "Related Products" => now grouped by category including the category name
Task #1069 - "< ?php echo" appears in New Item button link when creating a child item
19.12.2006 soeren
file downloads (ps_main.php, function vmReadFileChunked):
^ preventing script time-outs,
^ shortened the script sleep phase to 100 msec.
Add-to-Cart button shown for users that aren't allowed to see prices (shop.product_details.php, see
"&#039;" instead of "apostrophe" in title tags (shop.product_details.php)

14.12.2006 soeren

^ added RolandH's CSV Import improvements (v. 0.75,, thanks RolandD!!)
Task #1059 - Wrong Sort title in shop.browse.php
missing month names in the language file

13.12.2006 soeren

Fixed Login issue during Checkout on Mambo 4.6.x and Joomla! 1.5
Task #1052 - php short tags in many files
Task #1051 - PDF generation Problem

09.12.2006 soeren
Task #1045 - ps_product_category::get_navigation_list cannot be called twice! (ps_product_category.php)
Task #1040 - Redirect after registration (ps_shopper.php)

08.12.2006 soeren

+ added a pathway to the cart page (shop.cart)
- removed the PayFlow Pro payment class, it can be downloaded including the necessary SDK from

! various fixes to make VirtueMart compatible to Joomla! 1.5
Task #998 - reordering fails due to incorrect number of rows
^ changed all language constants into VM_LANG variables (a lot of files affected!)
^ added all the language strings from the Joomla language file used in Virtuemart to the VM language files
! new language tokens in the language files

07.12.2006 soeren

Task #390 - Top Ten Product Module randomly generates items (mod_virtuemart_topten.php)

01.12.2006 soeren

Task #1035 - Sorry, but the Product you\'ve requested wasn\'t found! (shop.product_details.php)
Task #1029 - You are not authorized to view this resource. when viewing user list
Task #1012 - Manufacturers in Manufacturer Module List not Alpha sorted

29.11.2006 gregdev

Adjusted so that updating an existing shipping address does not require a new address name (ps_user_address.php)

27.11.2006 soeren

Task #1011 - Cancelled Products get added to Top Ten Module (ps_order.php)

24.11.2006 soeren
Task #1027 - Error in stock handling (ps_checkout.php)
Task #1014 - test mode error
Task #1015 - Pathway duplicated in account.billing, account.shipping, account.shipto

22.11.2006 gregdev

Error suppression on some non-existant PayPal variables in notify.php; added vendor id for order status update emails in notify.php
Task #842 - fixed preselected country when editing an existing shipping address

22.11.2006 soeren

fixed PayPal IPN script, mail_download_id works (notify.php)
Task #877 - cannot complete checkout when final amount is 0 (ps_checkout.php)

10.11.2006 gregdev
Fixed duplicate error message when no shipping address is chosen during checkout (Task #972)

30.10.2006 soeren

no title tag displayed for empty categories (shop.browse.php)

27.10.2007 soeren
PayPal notify script not sending Download ID (notify.php, thanks R Browne!;
Task #996 - Brazilian Portuguese translation problem (brazilian_portuguese.php)

18.10.2006 gregdev

Task #959 - Virtuemart search bot not working properly

17.10.2006 gregdev

Task #969 - order_id error in Dutch language file VM vs. 1.0.7
Task #973 - Error in mod_product_categories
Task #956 - Closing DIV-Tag in html/shop.cart.php
!fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities

13.10.2006 gregdev

!fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities

04.10.2006 gregdev

Task #978 - PHP Short-Tag used in ps_paypal.php

02.10.2006 gregdev

!fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities QUERY_STRING, category_id, and shopItemid

02.10.2006 soeren

!fixed various non-critical XSS vulnerabilities though Itemid parameter

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