Changes in Virtuemart 114

Summary Status Resolution
Do not show child products that are out of stock (if option is enabled) Closed Fixed
Functions not showing in admin Closed Fixed
2Checkout module is missing all customer info Closed Fixed
PDF Output won't add product image Closed Fixed
If show products in stock option desactivated, the child products which are not in stock are shown in the list Closed Fixed
product types and product types parameters Closed Fixed
encoding or decoding of special chars dont work in search box (related product) Closed Fixed
Tax added even when product has no tax assign to it Closed Fixed
The Value of the Coupon is greater than the current Order Total, coupon value displayed with no tax Closed Fixed
€ is displayed in info message The Value of the Coupon is greater than the current Order Total, Closed Fixed
Hardcoded strings in product_type flypage Closed Fixed
Parent price shown for Child items when user is member of a shopper group other than default Closed Fixed
Link to product is shown even when product page is no longer available Closed Fixed
Missing theme.css in Joomla! 1.5 Closed Fixed
Product Prices in Backend and Edit Frontend get Shopper Group Rebate Closed Fixed
Stock levels not maintained correctly when selling downloadable products. Closed Fixed
Add / Edit User Fields [Drop Down (Single Select)] creates copies of Values after editing. Closed Fixed
Billing information will be overwritten if sento information is saved Closed Fixed
Popup MooPrompt window not always displaying a message. Closed Fixed
Bug in product type flypage path for Joomla 1.5 / VM 1.1.2 Closed Fixed
Child Product does not display images in description Closed Works for me
Making a File a "downloadable product file" resets existing downloadable product files Closed Fixed
Untranslated language string in checkout_register_form.php Closed Fixed
html errors in list_shipto_addresses.tpl.php Closed Duplicate
shoppergroup discount item prices are not shown Closed Fixed
Undefined variable: product_parent_id in... Closed Fixed
Changes to class_currency_display.php course currency symbol to be displayed as currency type. Closed Fixed
Loading Edit Store and other administrative pages under MSIE 7.0 results in Operation Aborted error and unable to view. Closed Fixed
Customer review comment length error message Closed Fixed
Add to cart issues when javascript disabled Closed Fixed
Broken links on pathway Closed Fixed
Standard Shipping Module saving problem in DB Closed Fixed
Saving exisintg custom user field multiplies values - with fix Closed Fixed
child suffix only accepts alpha chars Closed Fixed
Extra ID's doesn't work for all products Closed Fixed
Taxes ids higher than 127 cannot be used on products Closed Fixed
VirtueMart installation fails Closed Fixed
Can not access VirtueMart administration menus Closed Fixed
Open Account Maintenance in a GreyBox does not work. Closed Fixed
Open the Cart in a GreyBox does not work Closed Not a bug
Assigning a product type to multiple products doesn't work. Closed Fixed
Incomplete php tag with a duplicated table closure Closed Fixed
Default curency plugin not set! Closed Fixed
Ext is undefined Closed Fixed
missing in conditional expression in mod_virtuemart TigraTree Closed Fixed
Currency Conversion Not working in Price Table in Default shopper Group with multi currencies Closed Fixed
Additional images of product is not shown Closed Fixed
"'" instead of "apostrophe" in breadcrumb Closed Fixed
When Dynamic Thumbnail Resizing is off (unchecked) additional images show big image instead of thumbnail Closed Fixed
When 'Virtual Tax' is unchecked, 'Show "(including XX% tax)" when applicable?' it not shown for all products. Closed Fixed
Child product price is shown wrong for users other than default group (bug 2197 needs some addition fix) Closed Fixed
Wrong credit card expiration date in user Account Maintenance. Closed Fixed
Notify button not working Closed Fixed
ps_cashondel.php contains a couple of short tags Closed Fixed
Tax field is not shown for shipping rate when tax mode is based on shipping address Closed Fixed
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in product type Closed Fixed
Attributes are not calculated Closed Fixed
Fix for status code 4 (good trans but produces error in VM) Closed Fixed
Frontend edit icon should not have a hard-coded dimension Closed Fixed
Product attributes with a '0' value are blank in orders [PATCH] Closed Fixed
Multiple price table (tier pricing) conversion bug Closed Fixed
_PSHOP_ADMIN Closed Fixed
Get 'Notice: Trying to get property of non-object' in Account Maintenance Closed Fixed
Lots of Undefined variable notices in order.order.print Closed Fixed
Division by zero warning in order management when product from order is deleted. Closed Fixed
Undefined index message in Store Edit Closed Fixed
prep4SQL renames field names Closed Fixed
Can not register user Closed Fixed
Credit card type now showing for No Account creation method Closed Fixed
flypage_images.tpl.php has function protoPop() which is outdated (I can fix it if you give me permissions) Closed Fixed
Title setting is done by different function, integrity of code requires virtumart defined function Closed Fixed
New urergroup with admin rights cant see administrationlin in frontend Closed Fixed
Product could not be unpublished from the product list page if this product has different vendor other then the default one. Closed Fixed
Product name in Call for Pricing message promt is wrong, if product name have special characters. Closed Fixed
Username & Password required when updating address with "No Account Creation" Closed Fixed
Recently Viewed Products missing link Closed Fixed
Wrapper Url traced wrrong Closed Fixed
arguments for str_replace () are swapped Closed Fixed
Problem with email registration Closed Fixed
CC month in Admin panel differs from Email Invoice Closed Fixed
Undefined variable: order_id when viewing order Closed Fixed
The truncated title (<title>) of product details pages when use national product names Closed Fixed
little enhancement for addtocart_advanced_attribute.tpl.php Closed Fixed
Notice: Undefined variable: resultmm in ps_authorize Closed Fixed
Only variable references should be returned in ps_country Closed Fixed
One Title option in billing form (Ms) - posted by BlueNight83 on forum Closed Implemented
Price converted twice when attributes with prices are set up Closed Fixed
Mail contents is broken on OSX server. Closed Fixed
Image resize problems based on width and height Closed Duplicate
Notice: Undefined index: unit in product_type.tpl.php on line 44 Closed Fixed
Notice: Undefined index: order_status in ps_order.php on line 296 when Resend Download ID is clicked. Closed Fixed
Tax rate should not be rounded. Closed Fixed current configuration will not connect to the testing server. Closed Fixed
impossible to delete a credit card Closed Fixed
Error on shipper editing Closed Duplicate
Count of Parameters of Product Type at front page Closed Fixed
convertECB error in localhost Closed Fixed
Undefined variable when review is modified by store owner. Closed Fixed
Warning: Division by zero ps_product.php Closed Fixed
After adding products to cart links go bad Closed Fixed
Deprecated error message when using php 5.3 Closed Fixed
3 Bugs in product.folders.php Closed Fixed
Add and Update Shipper fails with error Closed Fixed