Latest live update information

When you see the message "New Version Available!" and you have not installed any extra plug-ins or had your store modified with custom coding in ANY WAY, you may use the LIVE UPDATE feature to automatically update your store without programming.

Simply click on the message to be taken to the Live Update module.

  • If you are POSITIVE you have no extra plug-ins or custom coding in your store, click the button, "UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION."
  • If you are NOT POSITIVE or you have modified your store in any way, you MUST BACK UP YOUR STORE AND DATABASE FIRST. In your web host's cPanel, Plesk, or other Control Panel, select FULL BACKUP and be sure it saves a copy of your files AND database. When you are positive you have a full backup, proceed with the live update.
  • To update plug-ins, use the VM2 All In One Installer (often referred to as "AIO" or Akeeba Live Update): after backing up as above, from your Joomla Administration's top navigation bar, select COMPONENTS - VirtueMart AIO. If it says "A NEW VERSION IS AVAILABLE" and you are positive you have a full backup, click the UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION Button.

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