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h1. Test cases

h2. System Requirements:

It is useful to test virtuemart installed in a subdirectory of your http directory. For exampel localhost/vm2. This is for testing if the pathing is working correct.

Use joomla 1.5 or 1.6 (latest)

As tester you should have installed your joomla with a custom prefix (not jos_) this quite important to find tables with hardcoded prefix.

Use different browsers. Virtuemart should work without glitches at least on IE8, FF, chrome, safari and opera.

h2. Installer

Test installer with and without sampel data.
Test the All-in-one Modules and Plugin installer.

h2. Views

Test the frontend with java script enabled and disabled.
Test what happens, when you change the post data. For exampel when you remove it, or enter a product which is not published.
Test the frontend as anoymous and registered shopper.

h3. Backend Testing

The relative url /administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=config means that it points to the Backend (/administrator) and that it points on the view named config.

Most backend views have a "list view" and an "edit view"

list views have always the buttons: New, Edit, Publish, Unpublish, Delete
New => create new item
publish/unpublish => make selected items accessible (or not) from frontend
delete => delete selected items

Every edit view in the backend has the buttons apply, save and close.
Apply => store the data and show the same view and same item
Save => store the data and show the reagarding listing view
Cancel => just show the regarding listing view

h3. Backend configuration

h4. Configuration

Test [[shop configuration]] (view=config)

h4. Test [[currencies]] (view=currency)

h4. Test [[Payment Methods]] (view=paymentmethod)

h4. Test
[[Credit Card List]] (view=creditcard)

h4. Test [[Shipper]] (view=shippingcarrier)

h4. Test [[Shipping Rates]] (view=shippingrate)

h4. Test
[[Countries]] (view=country)

h4. Test [[userfields]] (view=userfields)

h4. Test [[order status]] (view=orderstatus)

h4. Store configuration

h4. Test [[Store Information]] (view=user&task=editshop)

h4. Test [[Payment Methods]] (view=paymentmethod)

h4. Test [[Shipper]] (view=shippingcarrier)

h4. Test [[Shipping Rates]] (view=shippingrate)