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h1. Tools

The tools in virtuemart 2 are meant for developers, testers, and in common professionals. Some people meant we should remove them, because they must use with care and they can just destroy your whole store. They should be never used in an already running store. But on the other hand, they help webdevelopers and spare a lot work. So to protect users from themselves we added an extra security for this commands. They must be enabled in the shop configuration first.
When you use this tools right, you almost never have to reinstall virtuemart, even when you are tester and getting the newest svn daily.

h3. Renew config by file

Deletes the stored configuration in the database and reset it with the values from the file /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/virtuemart.cfg. Be aware that it does not take the values from the
virtuemart_defaults.cfg-dist. This file contains the default configuration shipped with the core. So you can adjust the virtuemart.cfg to your needs and use it as a kind of backup.

h3. Restore System Defaults

This deletes and restores the standard tables of vm, this means tables wich are most time not user generated, for exampel, admin menu, countries, currencies, orderstatus, states,... . This command maybe removed.

h3. Remove VirtueMart Data

This removes the user generated data, categories, products, manufacturers, calculation rules, ... This may help you, when you heavily customised your store with own currencies, countries, states and so on, but you want to remove the actually displayed data.

h3. Remove VirtueMart Tables

This just removes all _virtuemart_ tables. It is meant, when you want to completly uninstall VM, it is not senseful to use it for a reinstall

h3. Reset all tables and do a fresh install

One of the most interesting commands. It deletes all _virtuemart_ tables and executes the install function of the installer. So you have a completly renewed virtuemart. This is very interesting for developers, testers, and administrators for test purposes.

h3. Reset all tables and install sample data

Does the same as above, but installs directly the sampeldata.

h3. Install tables or if necessary update them

This is very important for people who use the svn. This executes the updater function of the installer and updates your tables to the newest layout.