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Simon Hodgkiss, 01/22/2010 02:41 PM

Using Docblocks for quality code documentation

Information to all developers

1 . Each file must keep the same docblock at the top of each file up to the following line.

"// Check to ensure this file is included in Joomla!
defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');"

2. The top copyright is to stay the same.

However you make add the @copyright into the top docblock of any of code your wish to add additional copyright to.

<br />

The way in which each file should be documented has changed slightly. You may have already seen some changes to a few of the files already. Here you will find all the references you will need to keep your files to out new Docblock documentation.

I have provided you with two files for each type one which has comments on how the document tags work and which should be used.
The other is a blank file which has the basic template for you to drop any code into.

If you do not require all the @tags when documenting your code feel free to take them out.