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h1. Using Docblocks for quality code documentation

h2. Important information to developers

The way in which each file should be documented has changed slightly. You may have already seen some changes to a few of the files already. Here you will find all the references you will need to keep your files to out new Docblock documentation.

1. The top Docblock should stay the same in all files.

2. The top copyright is to stay the same.

3. The minimum Docblock you should use has to have at least: A Description, @package VirtueMart and an @author.

h3. Optional

You can

However you make
add the @copyright into the docblock above of any of code your wish to add additional copyright to.

I have provided you with two files for each type one which has comments on how the document tags work and which should be used.
The other is a blank file which has the basic template for you to drop any code into.

If you do not require all the @tags when documenting your code feel free to take them out.