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Kerry Watson, 04/11/2012 07:12 PM

VM2 Manufacturers Menu


Shoppers can search your products using the manufacturer's names. If you want customers to be able to search manufacturers by categories, first create the manufacturer categories in Manufacturer Categories.

Manufacturer Name

In this box, enter the manufacturer's name that you want to appear to the customer.


Select NO to hide or YES to be visible to customers in the Manufacturers page.

SEF Alias

Search engine friendly or human readable addresses, i.e. real words instead of numbers and a jumble of code. EXAMPLE: VirtueMart will automatically assign this if you leave it blank.

Category Name

Select the category for the manufacturer's name or leave blank to be available to all categories.

Manufacturer URL and Email

OPTIONAL: Enter the web url of the manufacturer's website and contact email of the manufacturer.

Description Box

A short description about the manufacturer or select an already published article by clicking
Article Button below the Description Box.

Manufacturer Categories


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