VM2 Tools Menu

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Control Panel

Control Panel Tab

A shortcut to your VirtueMart Administration's home page.

Statistics Tab

A quick summary statistics about your store including how many shoppers, active products, orders and their statuses.

Click any of the links for a detailed report.

Tools & Migration

DB Tools Tab

The purpose of this section is to allow developers to never have to manually delete and reinstall VirtueMart. These tools are for developers ONLY for use in new stores, not live stores. THEY CAN DESTROY AN ENTIRE WEBSITE.

Migration Tab

Allows developers to migrate your data from VirtueMart 1.1 to VirtueMart 2. FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY. The Synchronize Media section is a copy of the SHOP - Media Files tool. See that section for instructions.

More about the tools here Tools


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Help Topics

Convenient link to VirtueMart documentation.


Convenient link to VirtueMart forum. Be sure to search for your topic before posting a new question.

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