Easy VirtueMart 2 Install Instructions

STEP 1. Install the latest version of Joomla.

If you do not already have Joomla, download it from

You MAY be able to auto-install Joomla 2.5 from your web host’s auto-installer and skip this step. However, many auto-installers offer an older version which is no good to you. YOU MUST INSTALL JOOMLA VERSION 2.5. SEE

STEP 2. Download the latest STABLE VERSION of VirtueMart onto your personal computer.

Get it from - be SURE it is marked STABLE VERSION. There are two always to versions of a release provided, one is containing the zip files, like, the other is containing the tar.zg files, like The difference is that the zips are often bigger than 2 mb and many servers are configured with a 2 mb limit for php uploads. The tar.gz files are always below 2 mb, but some server do not support the tar.gz extraction anylonger. If you need languages other than English also download the file. Note the words "extract first" in the file names. You must unzip (decompress) the files in the next step.

STEP 3. Unzip VirtueMart

Unzip the file so you can see the two ".zip" files (tar.gz).
This download contains two zip files, which you will upload separately in Step 4 using Joomla Extension Manager.

Extract the two zip files and the README file to a folder on your computer where you can find them easily:

• com_virtuemart.2.x.y.tar.gz – the VirtueMart core files, and
• com_virtuemart.2.x.y_ext_aio.tar.gz – the All In One (AIO) Installer that installs some extensions for you the way you need them.

Consider that this files work directly on your server, but when you want to extract them locally, you get first a com_virtuemart.2.x.y.tar. A tar archive file contains uncompressed byte streams of the files which it contains. Just extract the tar file again.

STEP 4. Install VirtueMart extension in Joomla

Log onto your Joomla Administrator using the email address and password you created in the Joomla Install Wizard as follows:

From the Joomla Admin’s top navigation bar, click Extensions > Extension Manager > Install tab. In the Upload Package File area, click the Browse... button and select the or com_virtuemart.2.x.y.tar.gz file from your local folder.

Click the UPLOAD & INSTALL button for the first file.

Repeat for the second file to upload, the VirtueMart All In One Installer,

You will see the happy success message: "Installing Component Was Successful!"

When you have problems with the gui, you can take a look on this howto Installation of VirtueMart 2 with provided packages

In case you have a problem with the limited file size or the error "Unknown Archive type"

Then just upload the installer per ftp to the temp directory and choose the 2. option, for more information, look here

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