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11:42 am VirtueMart Revision 9489: - BE product list: child list ignores filtering category
- dimension of products are now set to 0.0 if empty string
- fixed Fallback for missing custom data of order items
09:24 am VirtueMart Revision 9488: BE enhanced again order editing. Better rounding and internal variables stored as ...
09:16 am VirtueMart Revision 9487: - GUI backend, added min-width to key column (parameter name)
- Toolbar, some of the product edit commands appeared in other views, fixed.
- install.sql changed `customfield_param...
08:55 am VirtueMart Revision 9486: - Router productdetails, sometimes an Itemid=0 was added, fixed
- compatibilty j3.7 category view: $menu->params
- category view: Removed global option for "use as storefront"
- cat...
08:46 am VirtueMart Revision 9485: Reverted some changes for Amazon. Added to the core, that a product has always a w...
Commented the parameter digital_goods, which just always disables the ST address for the Amazon plugin. It would make...


03:08 pm VirtueMart
Bundle, Core + AIO + TcPDF
03:08 pm VirtueMart
All in one extension installer, required
03:08 pm VirtueMart
Complete Joomla 3.5.6 with Virtuemart 3.2 preconfigured
03:08 pm VirtueMart
essential Core
10:31 am VirtueMart Revision 9483: - found last error displaying wrong summarized tax in order, the column calc_resul...
- fixed the problem that customfield S "is input" showed all variants
- SCNR added the possibility to add more than o...

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