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01:36 pm VirtueMart Revision 9459: BE view orders list und order edit js enhanced
customer email blocked for storing order edits (use update status for mails)
removed json_encode while storing of emp...
12:08 pm VirtueMart Revision 9458: Added new getCache function, replaced all JFactory::getCache against VmConfig::get...
fixed error due cast to int in getMemoryLimitBytes
11:55 am VirtueMart Revision 9457: Added extra check for isFEmanager if user is actually logged in.
removed old configs in cart helper
changed a bit css so that add to cart button can be shown as span
11:51 am VirtueMart Revision 9456: Amazon Pay removed VMPAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_NOT_AVAILABLE message, when the method...
added vmdebugs to condition checker for shopowners to understand what went wrong
11:50 am VirtueMart Revision 9455: Small update for heidelpay


09:37 pm VirtueMart Revision 9448: - Language switcher works now again for children
- vmplugin.php moved loading of classes to constructor
- displayLinkToParent works now with language fallbacks
12:52 pm VirtueMart Revision 9447: enhanced language switcher js for the admin menu. JS has now own library, which is...


01:09 pm VirtueMart Revision 9446: - fix for category search with multilanguage fallbacks
- fix for tcpdf font listing, when tcpdf is not installed
- fix for default ordering in product listing with multilan...


08:52 am VirtueMart
Core + AIO (RC, we need live tests)


05:48 pm VirtueMart Revision 9445: - removed jumping of category dropdown due ajax (thx Spyros Petrakis)
- new function in vmtable checkTableExists
- vmpsplugin uses now checkTableExists
- fixed rounding of customfield pro...

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