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02:25 PM VirtueMart Revision 10270 (virtuemart): added tool reset_Has_x_Fields to updatesmigration view, which sets all "has_" fields to NULL
07:58 AM VirtueMart Revision 10269 (virtuemart): - changed function isImage so, that it takes now a full url and not just the extension as input parameter. The parameter before was quite useless, because half of the work of the function is to get the file extension.
- enhanced display of the options upload, replace
07:45 AM VirtueMart Revision 10268 (virtuemart): cart max_order_level must be checked after checking for quantity steps (by RuposTel)
a bit different enhanced quantity check (by RuposTel)
07:42 AM VirtueMart Revision 10267 (virtuemart): Big Update for Skrill by the Skrill Team Esphere
images by compressed by iStraxx


10:18 AM VirtueMart Revision 10266 (virtuemart): product edit, unpublished categories were not rendered
fallback of main controller was still pointing to virtuemart view, changed to category view
something for hidden conf...
10:13 AM VirtueMart Revision 10265 (virtuemart): Minors for paypal and sofort.
10:12 AM VirtueMart Revision 10264 (virtuemart): Rounding for currency conversion of costprice and of Margin in case "round only display" is unchecked.
10:07 AM VirtueMart Revision 10263 (virtuemart): - More failproof tableupdater by RuposTel
- Finally keys for customfield_value


08:58 PM VirtueMart Revision 10262 (virtuemart): fix in shopfunctions.php functions renderWeightUnitList and renderUnitIsoList, add unknown units to prevent that they are changed/deleted (thx RuposTel)
Be category view layout edit, there was a small error in the last committ
08:51 PM VirtueMart Revision 10261 (virtuemart): added the trigger plgVmOnSendVmEmail in function sendVmMail

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