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09:48 pm VirtueMart Revision 9639: - new feature customfield of type S and M have now a new parameter, which enables ...
09:41 pm VirtueMart Revision 9638: - added redirect per system plugin "vmLoaderPluginUpdate" for register and login
- shipment plguin shows now also multiple countries
06:40 pm VirtueMart Revision 9637: renamed order_done layout to orderdone to be able to create a menu item.
06:29 pm VirtueMart Revision 9636: - fallback for active_languages in config model function store
- usermodel, extra check if the already loaded user has the right id
- removed typo in heidelpay
06:20 pm VirtueMart Revision 9635: - corrected reported php version. It was actually just an outdated debug, but we g...
- js script, added "var" to global variables, to prevent notices


01:19 pm VirtueMart Revision 9634: removed empty value of layout dropdowns, because it must be at least "default" anyway


10:16 am VirtueMart Revision 9633: - datefield fix
- BE, moved productcount to view.html.php for faster rendering of the list
- small css changes, removed #cpanel
10:10 am VirtueMart Revision 9632: important patch to prevent memory leak when switching languages.


03:50 pm VirtueMart
Complete Joomla 3.7.5 with Virtuemart 3.2.4 preconfigured
02:56 pm VirtueMart
Bundle, Core + AIO + TcPDF

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