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04:15 pm VirtueMart Revision 9426: setProductType for related products
minors, mainly versions stuff
11:38 am VirtueMart Revision 9425: seperated installation folders for each joomla version
10:33 am VirtueMart
Core + AIO (RC, may used live)


08:42 pm VirtueMart Revision 9424: loaded vm instance of install script is now using the temp install folder
moved class vmLanguage in own file
replaced some JText against vmText
little fix for and php7.1
little ...


03:14 pm VirtueMart
small enhancement in install.script


07:13 pm VirtueMart Revision 9423: fixed copypaste typo for fallback of language fallback
enabled legacy layout by default for updaters
07:12 pm VirtueMart Revision 9422: replaced DS against / for load vmconfig
07:03 pm VirtueMart
two fatals fixed compared to vm3.0.18.9


09:22 am VirtueMart


01:32 pm VirtueMart Revision 9421: added parameter ignore to function getCurrrentUrlBy
fixed function getOrderByList in product model, got slightly broken due shortly introduced function getCurrrentUrlBy

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