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01:14 pm VirtueMart Revision 9583: - vmLanguage function setLanguage set to public
- layout categories adjust to new standard style and added missing categories_per_row param
- new Paypal Express logo...


04:05 pm VirtueMart Revision 9582: - A single vendor shop assignes vendorId=1 also for manager
- Added maxItems to vmmodels to ensure that never more than 1000 items are loaded. There exists also a hidden setting...
04:03 pm VirtueMart Revision 9581: - updated tcpdf, replaced throughing of exception against logged error message in ...
01:03 pm TcPdf


04:48 pm VirtueMart Revision 9580: Also the main images uses the thumbnail, just with big size.
03:27 pm VirtueMart
Core + AIO
03:05 pm VirtueMart Revision 9579: - Router fix for starting list limit
- Amazon works now also with the login trigger like paypal express. Is now also visible in the cart editpayment process.
03:03 pm VirtueMart Revision 9578: - Removed two old files of vm2.0 times
- module cart does not show payment signin div for cart and user view
- minors


08:27 am VirtueMart
All in one extension installer, required
08:27 am VirtueMart
essential Core

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