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01:03 pm VirtueMart Revision 9517: Important fixes for the language of the registration mail (Thank you Yagendoo)
01:02 pm VirtueMart Revision 9516: related products add to cart option should now work correctly with cart input cust...
12:58 pm VirtueMart Revision 9515: enhanced the language fallback system of Vm.
- added abstract functions helping to select the right fields and to join the right tables.
- added functions to dete...
12:49 pm VirtueMart Revision 9514: - added more language options to for multilanguage sites
- set directly the shop language
- options for the different content fallbacks, no fallback, dual fallback, standard ...
12:40 pm VirtueMart Revision 9513: - VmImage added function determineWH, for better handling of different thumbnail s...
- enhanced message feedback
- more robust handling of user input in the customfields of type media
10:56 am VirtueMart Revision 9512: VmCrypt changed to use b64 encoding storing the keys


09:57 am VirtueMart Revision 9507: little changes in the language system
- joomla 3 prevents sending a message twice, so the vmdebug got an increasing counter to ensure that the message is e...
09:43 am VirtueMart Revision 9506: little fix in mediahandler.php displayImages, which prevents crashing of js, when ...
found hardcoded vendor directory in invoice/view.html, replaced by vendor vmconfig path
09:24 am VirtueMart Revision 9505: Subcategories in productdetails has a new option now cat_productdetails, which is ...
09:21 am VirtueMart Revision 9504: Little router fix, which should ensure that pagination page 1 works,

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