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10:07 PM TcPdf
TcPDF for VirtueMart 3.5 and higher
04:40 PM VirtueMart
Package, Core + AIO + TcPDF + vmbeez3 (can be installed as package or extracted)


08:12 AM VirtueMart Revision 10041 (virtuemart): TCPDF, VmConfig must be loaded without executing the trigger plgVmInitialise


03:52 PM VirtueMart
Package, Core + AIO + TcPDF + vmbeez3 (can be installed as package or extracted)
12:07 PM VirtueMart Revision 10040 (virtuemart): some corrections for the new download_simple plugin
12:00 PM VirtueMart Revision 10039 (virtuemart): - rating model, function getVoteByProduct and getVoteById do not execute sql for user id = 0 aynlonger
- Table userinfos, function check adds now name for the address, can be configured by language key
11:45 AM VirtueMart Revision 10038 (virtuemart): Optimisation for classes VmPlugin and VmPsPlugin
- selectedThisByMethodId caches directly all configured methods of the vendor.
- getVmPluginMethod checks with select...
10:42 AM VirtueMart Revision 10037 (virtuemart): - product model
a) removed escaping the product name loading the product (belongs to last committ 10036)
b) added important improvem...
10:28 AM VirtueMart Revision 10036 (virtuemart): - Removed the permission to write "raw", we use now always the joomla html validator.
- removed storing language related contents with htmlspecialchars, we use the db->escape only now
10:21 AM VirtueMart Revision 10035 (virtuemart): - Optimization for the functions getCountryByID and getCountryIDByName and the country model, loading a country creates directly multiple keys for the cached entry.

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