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Max Milbers, 03/08/2013 02:20 PM


A long time we avoid to write down a roadmap. The problem with a classic roadmap is the perception by the reader. A normal roadmap implies that there are deadlines and that tasks are sorted and that all members follow this map and do the tasks one by one. Of course some tasks can be done parallel while others not.

But in our case it is completly different. When I started with VirtueMart with Sören as leader, the team expected this. But in the moment we tried todo it that way, the enthusiasm and motivation dropped very soon. The reason is that this is a free project. People want to work on their idea, which motivates them (or pays them). So it happened quite often, that we meant, yes we should do this soon. But then people demanded for another feature so we were not doing it. 3rd party developers did not jump into the breach, because they thought, we will anyway add it soon to the core. On the other hand we had sometimes plans to implement a feature in some future and suddenly someone posted the snippet to the forum.

It works right, when the people solve a problem for their customer and distribute it to the core. There is no need to force the people to follow some roadmap. But it is right that a kind of roadmap may help the people to estimate, what they can expect next year. 3rd party developers should know that we usually do not implement things which exists as extension for a reasonable price. You can also just ask us, if we actually develop it.

Already started/ In the pipe for vm2.2;

- rewriting of customfields
- reduced sql for customfields ( drops by 80%).
- order editing
- enhanced pdf creation (selection of font, always the same header/footer)
- rework of the cart, lesser redirects, lesser session memory, more secure
- help button on every view, pointing to
- enhanced userfields, remove of the tos checkbox, exchange against new userfield (required in cart)

Planned for vm2.2 - vm2... (yeh we could need help here), the lower the more unlikely. Be aware this is a kind of wishlist.
- seperate shopperfield language keys in an own file
- Product pattern examples (sell your T-shirt, sell your mp3, sell your book, ...)
- more layouts to choose for example multiadd of childs
- FE product editing / creating new
- fixed stocking (when shopper buy simultan)
- merge of the stockable plugin and the dynamic childs.
- ACL of j2.5 for vm2.2
- List of virtuemart extensions in the AIO component for installation/updating/3rd party licenses.
- rewrite of the calculator using rules as objects
- Fallback for multilingual store to the main language
- joomla 3.5
- Autoresizing main image, with watermark
- enhanced image chooser (multi upload)
- option to display a sign for a minus or not