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  • VirtueMart (Project Leader, 01/13/2010)
  • TcPdf (Project Leader, 02/09/2015)



11:08 AM VirtueMart Revision 9727 (virtuemart): vmcrypt used for non given date, a wrong dateformat. Fixed.


07:48 PM VirtueMart Revision 9726 (virtuemart): - removed old unnecessary "addtocart" procedure
- the quantity field are now rendered with the hidden attribute to simplify enabling of "non orderable" products by j...
08:46 AM VirtueMart Revision 9725 (virtuemart): - vmSpecialChars with ENT_SUBSTITUTE and checking for php version
- extended function getInvoiceNumber


10:03 PM VirtueMart Revision 9724 (virtuemart): Fixes for the orderdone page. The router differs now for the layout t...
11:36 AM VirtueMart Revision 9722 (virtuemart): - Extended function getInvoiceNumber
- added missing filter for recursive filtered arrays
10:28 AM VirtueMart Revision 9721 (virtuemart): - fix that it was possible to add products into the cart, when minimu...
- minor enhanchement, ajax_catree.js uses now always the absolute url
10:21 AM VirtueMart Revision 9720 (virtuemart): removed notices when cloning a product


02:38 PM VirtueMart
Complete Joomla 3.8.3 with Virtuemart 3.2.12 preconfigured.3
02:35 PM VirtueMart
Bundle, Core + AIO + TcPDF
02:34 PM VirtueMart
All in one extension installer, required

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