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08:32 AM VirtueMart
Complete Joomla 3.9.18 with Virtuemart 3.8.2 preconfigured
08:32 AM VirtueMart
Package, Core + AIO + TcPDF + vmbeez3 (can be installed as package or extracted)
08:31 AM VirtueMart
AIO - All in once installer for extensions
07:53 AM VirtueMart
essential Core


11:44 AM VirtueMart Revision 10325 (virtuemart): Mediahandler adjustment php7.4
order updateBill sql a plus was not commented


11:43 AM VirtueMart Revision 10323 (virtuemart): css addtocart, addtocart-disabled and notify, All buttons should have the same height.
11:25 AM VirtueMart Revision 10322 (virtuemart): enhanced displayIt function, it resolves now all parameters to an array and only the non empty ones are written. It is also possible now to remove the parameter src completly or replace it with another name. For example when the array has 'src' => 'data-src', then the parameter src is renamed to data-src and filled with the correct URL.
enhanced lazyLoad configuration, added GUI option in template tab of vm config
11:16 AM VirtueMart Revision 10321 (virtuemart): VmConfig static function get enhanced
11:09 AM VirtueMart Revision 10320 (virtuemart): PayPal Smartbuttons should not redirect in checkout if called without redirect option
removed useless mod_virtuemart_product_helper
and other minors


11:18 AM VirtueMart
Complete Joomla 3.9.18 with Virtuemart 3.8.0 preconfigured

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