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01:10 PM VirtueMart Revision 10514 (virtuemart): Feature for developers, completed function setConvertDecimal for custom, payment and shipment plugins
10:41 AM VirtueMart Revision 10513 (virtuemart): Overseen files and an enhanced createPlugin function, which creates the plugin also, when it is unpublished
10:38 AM VirtueMart Revision 10512 (virtuemart): General work to please the JED Checker
Replaced more DS against /
removed vmRulesJ25
added missing copryrights, updated copryrights, added licences, added d...
10:26 AM VirtueMart Revision 10511 (virtuemart): Missed this file for custom product groups
renamed getOrderId to getNextOrderId
10:03 AM VirtueMart Revision 10510 (virtuemart): Added search for 2 or more tags, so that products loaded only if all search criteria fit.
and formal minors
09:37 AM VirtueMart Revision 10509 (virtuemart): Added customfield which can create a new type of "related products".
07:30 AM VirtueMart Revision 10508 (virtuemart): Enhanced the js changing the add to cart button using the textinput plugin with mandatory chars
07:25 AM VirtueMart Revision 10507 (virtuemart): Normalized init, if init>steps. Also fixed if product quantity in calculationHelper, if quantity is < min_order_level or step_order_level, because a product is loaded by standard with the quantity 1, we cannot know the min_order_level or step_order_level without loading it. So we catch that in the calculation helper before the prices are loaded and set.
function kSortUmlaut works now with Locales and removed accents, so sorting of countries is more exact for example (t...


09:49 PM VirtueMart Revision 10506 (virtuemart): added function reloadPlugins, which loads again the payment/shipment methods of the plugins. The cart unloads them, if they do not fit, 3rd party developer can reload them, that way.
09:45 PM VirtueMart Revision 10505 (virtuemart): Amazon Pay, removed function loadVmClass and useless loadings of classes in the Amazon plugin

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