Shop configuration


Displays configurable options which take effect on all vendors.
This is hard test case, because we must test the effect of every option.

Tab Shop

Shop is offline => Should display the shop offline layout, regardless which view is choosen. Test for all frontend views

Offline Message => Message to display, when "shop is offline" is checked. Test if html-tags work in the message

Use only as catalogue =>Show prices, but disable "add to cart", cart and checkout. Deactivates also currenst stock level. Search for links pointing to them (shouldnt displayed), test if you can use the cart/addtocart and so on, with direct links.

Show Products that are out of Stock => Show products with stock in inventory = 0. Display "ask a question" or "add to watinglist" or simular.

Test if you can set yourself on the waiting list.

Select a currency converter module => Select a module for the dynamic currency exchange rate.

Order-mail format => Send mails in html format or in plain text? Test both mail methods

Enable content plugins in descriptions => This function is atm not enabled.

Enable Coupon Usage => if disabled, the coupons shouldnt be visible in the cart

Default Coupon Lifetime

Enable Customer Review/Rating System => Test if you can vote / review a product. Try crossite scripting, try to vote or review even if disabled by knows link.

Auto-Publish Reviews?
Comment Minimum Length
Comment Maximum Length

Tab Shopfront

Shopfront Settings

ERRORPAGE => Atm unused, function not completly clear yet.

PDF Button => Maybe removed also, joomla 1.6 doesnt support pdf by default anylonger. Should be integrated as plugin/component

Show the Recommend to a friend link? => opens a prefilled email or form to enter a message and email (list). Atm not written.

Show the Print View link?

Show featured => Display featured products on the virtuemart view in frontend (works only with shoplayout default)

Show recent => Display last visited products on the virtuemart view (works only with shoplayout default)

Show Top ten products => Display top ten sold products on the virtuemart view. Buy some products and test if that actually works. (works only with shoplayout default)

Show latest products => show the last added products. (works only with shoplayout default)

Show Page Navigation at the Top of the Product Listing?

Default product sort order

Available Sort-by fields

Available Search Fields

Show the Number of Products => display all products in the shop. Atm there is an unsolved question how to count child products without own stocking.

'no image' image => When no image is set, which image to show as placeholder

'no image found' image => Should never appear within normal testing and points to but in the mediahandler. To test this option, you must upload an image and delete it then manually.

Show footer => Atm unused. We will add here a possibility to choose a layout from the virtuemart view tmp folder, so that it is overridable by normal joomla template. Footer will work then with a simpel include.

more Core Settings
Select the default template for your Shop => This should be always the template set in joomla. We may remove this option, because it leads to confusion.

Layout for your home page =>

Category Template =>

Category Layout =>

Product layout =>

Show Category =>

Default number of categories in a row =>

Default number of products in a row =>

Default number of featured products in a row => This option leads to logical problems and should be removed (is in concurrence of products in a row)

Default number of topten products in a row => This option leads to logical problems and should be removed (is in concurrence of products in a row)

General Assets Path => This the path for all asset images, atm this are the pictures of the stocks and the stars of the voting, we may remove this anyway and use the right folder in a template for that.

Category Media Path => Path for all medias owned by a category.

Product Media Path => Path for all medias owned by a product. Test what happens, when the product media path and the category media path are the same.

Manufacturer Media Path => Path for all media owned by a manufacturer.

Enable Dynamic Thumbnail Resizing? => We may remove this option, because the code tries todo it anyway. atm unused and is it actually necessary?

Thumbnail Image Width

Thumbnail Image Height

Shop date format

Tab Pricing

Price Configuration
Show Prices => This is NOT the catalogue function.

Membergroup to show prices to, Enable this Feature =>Should show prices only to some shoppergroups. We may think about to override for this groups the catalogue option.

Show the price label for packaging

Show Following Prices, Show Text

Baseprice => Only adminstrators should see this price
Baseprice modificator
The new baseprice modificated by choosen product variant
The baseprice with Tax, but without discounts
Discounted Price without tax
This is the salesprice with discount
The final salesprice
The salesprice without tax
The discount amount
Tax amount

Tab Checkout

Check Stock => check stock before committing the confirmed order, warn if prodcut in cart, but out of stock (it maybe went out of stock, while you was in the checkout process)

Must agree to Terms of Service on EVERY ORDER => should even registered shoppers or shoppers stored the agreement in the session agree again?
Show information about Return Policy on the order confirmation page?

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