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Max Milbers, 04/19/2010 11:23 AM

1 1 Roland Dalmulder
h1. Writing documentation for VirtueMart
2 1 Roland Dalmulder
3 2 Max Milbers
The documentation for VirtueMart has been written in the DocBook XML format. Docbook is "just" an XML Subset, that means plain text with XML Tags. This format allows a flexible export into various output formats like PDF, RTF, WordXML, HTML and CHM.
4 1 Roland Dalmulder
5 1 Roland Dalmulder
h2. How to get it
6 1 Roland Dalmulder
7 1 Roland Dalmulder
You can download the XML source from SVN. The subdirectory of the trunk is named "documentation". Currently you'll find the User_Manual, Developer_Manual and Installation_Manual.
8 1 Roland Dalmulder
9 1 Roland Dalmulder
h2. How to edit
10 1 Roland Dalmulder
11 2 Max Milbers
To edit these documents, you can use a Text Editor. But MUCH MUCH more comfortably you can work with a WYSIWYG DocBook XML Editor called "XXE": the XMLMind XML Editor
12 2 Max Milbers
13 2 Max Milbers
h2. Creating/Compiling the Documentation
14 2 Max Milbers
15 2 Max Milbers
From time to time you might want to create Manuals in readable formats. A comfortable command-line tool for this is the "Ede" (, which is a collection of all the tools and scripts you need to export HTML, PDF or CHM files.